New Story: Nor Any Drop To Drink


“The thing is, I don’t think I would have tried to pick a fight with Viva. Or any of our other Marine Techs, for that matter. It wasn’t that they were likely to fight back in the conventional sense, though I expect each and every one of them could’ve bench pressed half the science team without breaking a sweat. Sure, it looked like a physical job, but as a Marine Tech you also had to be smart and resourceful. And her wicked sense of mischief aside, Viva was as smart and resourceful as they came.” –Nor Any Drop To Drink 

Speaking of falling off the wagon.

I was doing so well there, posting a story each and every month. Until February, when everything got…complicated. But the book is now available for pre-order (The Book. Yes, my Book. Go and pre-order it now. You are getting veeery sleepy. You will go to Montemayor Press and pre-order Eight in Three Weeks.)

Uh. Sorry about that. But I’m trying to write new stories now, and here’s the first of them. I’ll see how long I can keep it up this time. Of course, your patronage, feedback and encouragement is really what keeps me going on this, so thank you thank you thank you for coming along on this adventure!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Nor Any Drop To Drink! (And don’t forget to go hit that little heart icon at the bottom of the story if you liked it.)

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