Plan B

PXL 20230114 024028415

Plan A had us spending Friday night in the luxury of Row 9 of American Airlines Flight 953, sipping an aperitif prior to settling in for the night in our dearly-paid-for comfy semi-enclosed reclining seats, waking up to a new morning on our descent into Buenos Aires. In contrast, this particular point in Plan B had us camped out in a sketchy hotel room in Rockaway, eating cold airline-voucher food out of plastic clamshell takeout containers. I kind of liked Plan A better.

We were taxiing in to the gate at JFK when Devon’s phone alerted us that the second flight of our SFO-JFK-EZE-USH itinerary had been delayed by…about 12 hours. The first emerging problem was that we’d miss our next flight, the one that would get us down to Ushuaia. The next emerging problem was that there were no obvious EZE-USH flights until Monday, which was when we were supposed to be getting on the actual boat.

PXL 20230114 010639511

Fortunately, Devon and I have learned a little about teamwork in our 36(!) years traveling together. I’ll spare you the details, but the best Plan B that emerged included six (yes, six) airports and two half nights at airport hotels on different continents. And we – Devon, actually – did manage to snag what may have been the last two seats on any series of flights to Ushuaia before our ship sails on Monday.

PXL 20230114 012603356

It’s now morning, and we’re finally sitting in those aforementioned comfy seats of the now three-time-delayed Flight 953. Still parked at the gate, though. Still looking out at the mid-morning snow falling at JFK. I may break into uncontrollable laughter if we get a weather hold – this past night and morning in/around JFK have reminded my of why I have no love for this city. Then again, another hour or so delay and we can just skip the half night of hotel in Buenos Aires – that would be a win, right? Miracles of air travel, I remind myself, miracles of air travel. Spanning the far corners of two continents in a couple of days is a miracle of air travel. But I am ready for that drink.

PXL 20230114 004255340


(p.s.: Just landed Buenos Aires; now in cab on the way to transit hotel. Next flight in seven hours.)

7 responses to “Plan B

  1. Hey David,

    Happy to hear you and Devon made it out of JFK. That place can be a nightmare.

    I am across the river from JFK right now attending school at CAE Morristown NJ campus for Gulfstream G550 type rating. I have been flying the Gulfstream IV for the past seven years (!), right after we met in Monterey CA. I am looking forward to flying my new bird.

    I don’t know if I will ever make to Antarctica, so I look forward to your posts from down under. Cheers to you both! I hope you two have a grand time.

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  2. Do I “like” this? I admire the resourcefulness! The resiliency! The good spirits and turns of phrase! But I don’t think a “like” is appropriate here. I hope you catch some winks in those hotel rooms. And that you have a wonderful time. ❤

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  3. Boy does this sounds like an almost, but different, déjà vu of my trip to Scotland recently. I wonder if things will ever smooth out again? I hope it’s smoothes out for you and Devon from here on out. Excitedly awaiting the next phase of your journey. Enjoy.



  4. Hi David and Devon, Sheila and I can truly relate having gone through essentially the same experience twice now. Once was during our month long trip to Europe last July and once during our return from Ecuador and Peru when we finally snagged the last two very pricey first class bed seats on a red eye back to the States. Good luck! We hope the rest of your trip goes smoother.


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