Okay, This Is Nice

[Part Three, in which a miracle occurs\h\h\h\h\h\h\David and Devon actually catch that series of flights, sit a butt-numbing number of hours in the seats of different airliners, and pop out two and a half days later in Ushuaia.]

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Short note here just to say that we made it. In spite of Too Many Airports and a touch of sleep deprivation. Even made it to Ushuaia early enough to get to the hotel, clean up, have a stunningly delightful dinner and postprandial stroll out in the hills behind the hotel.

PXL 20230115 174656616

I’ve got to say, it’s a nice hotel. Nestled up in the hills above town looking more like a not-so-secret mountain fortress. Gorgeous wood furnishings everywhere and trails leading off to the hills above, perfect for those postprandial strolls you feel compelled to undertake because it’s midsummer in Ushuaia and freakishly windy as it is, the sun doesn’t go down until after 10.

PXL 20230115 181659780

PXL 20230115 231256064

PXL 20230115 195349202

We spent the morning prior to embarkation wandering town. Buying unnecessary tchotchkes, buying pastries, buying necessary tchotchkes. Split a steamed king crab (a.k.a grabby porcupine of the deep) for lunch. Contemplated going back for more pastries, but it was time. Piled onto the bus to take us to the boat. Piled onto the boat. Briefings happened. Introductions were made. Obligatory jokes about the weather in the Drake were laughed at with some discomfort. Promises of non-laughing discomfort in the Drake were not laughed at (weather at https://www.passageweather.com/, confirmed by our cruise director promises some “7-on-a-scale-from-1-to-10” discomfort). So I just may take the day off from writing tomorrow? Maybe the next one as well?

PXL 20230116 163328525

But it seems to be a damned fine ship, good crew, and good company as well. I’ll see y’all on the other side.

PXL 20230116 212257903

PXL 20230116 233045996

5 responses to “Okay, This Is Nice

    • Using the”stupid patch” – scopolamine. Planning to take it off as soon as we reach the Bransfield. Looks like we’ll be turning the corner around King George, but they’ve been remarkably mum about our trajectory.


  1. Looks amazing so far. I can relate to all the bumps in the travel road for sure. I hope you get some good rest so that you’re well rested to enjoy the rest of this great trip.

    Looking forward to the next posting.




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